We are at a stage in human history where it is important to accept that educating our present and future generation is very challenging. No doubt, getting admission in a school of your choice whether it is a Pre-school, a Senior Secondary School or a College is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. Keeping this in view, we at SHEMFORD Jalore have made the admission process simpler for the parents seeking admission for their children in our Pre-school.

A pre-school plays a crucial role in child’s formative years. Therefore, we ensure to provide a child-friendly, great learning environment and a future ready curriculum with innovative techniques of teaching to help your child discover things from a whole new perspective that will ready her for a full time school.

At SHEMFORD Jalore, we run pre-primary classes categorised as ShemFoundation (Play Group), ShemPrepJunior (Nursery), ShemPrepSenior (LKG) and Grade I. Given below is the age criterion of admission in these classes for your children:

Group Age

ShemFoundation (Play Group)         1 year 10 months +

ShemFoundationSenior         (Nursery)  2 year 10 months +

ShemPrepJunior (LKG)         3 year 10 months +

ShemPrepSenior (UKG)         4 year 10 months +

Grade 1         5 year 5 months +